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Vorträge der Search Seekers Konferenzen und weiterer Rising Media Konferenzen

Robin Heintze & Michael Kühn
Der B2B Markt hat sich in den letzten 12 Monaten massiv verändert. Google Ads ist für deutlich mehr Unternehmen eine wichtige Stellschraube geworden, um den Vertrieb mit frischen Leads zu füttern. Die Herausforderung: Nicht nur die Quantität, sondern auch die Qualität der Leads muss stimmen. In dieser Session, die sich speziell an B2B Marketer und Unternehmen richtet, erhältst Du die aktuellsten Best Practices aus den letzten 12 Monaten. Wie können mit Google Ads hochwertige Leads für ein nachhaltiges Wachstum gewonnen werden?
Jenna Tiffany, Founder & Strategy Director, Let'sTalk Strategy
Automation is here, AI is here, we have more tools than ever to send truly personalised email marketing, we analyse everything, and we know our customers better than ever… it is getting creepy. Let’s take a step back in this session and talk about how much of this new world makes the experience better for the customer. Let’s think about how we can create ethical email marketing campaigns and what they need to look like. If we can go down that path we might (but don’t have to!) lose some short term wins, but in the long run, we gain reputation, the trust of our customers and profit.
Marcus Tandler & Kevin Indig
Identifying different performance data patterns will help you learn how to correctly diagnose Google Updates, algorithmic filters, penalties, and technical errors with Google Search Console performance. Marcus will show lots of insightful examples based on huge amounts of Google Search Console data - explaining the distinctive patterns and discuss actionable strategies if you encounter these patterns in your data as well.

For this session, he joins forces with Kevin Indig, who is also digging deep to present juicy patterns - not just in Google Search Console data, but other data sources as well.

You don't want to miss these SEO pundits sharing never seen before examples and sharing the best-practices.
Brad Geddes, Co-Founder, Adalysis
Brad has worked in PPC since 1998, and over those years he was worked with companies who manage tens of thousands of small PPC accounts and other companies who spend millions on marketing each month. He has worked with brands such as Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Salesforce, LexisNexis, Adidas, and Expedia. Not one to hold secrets and passionate about sharing knowledge, he will present his most valuable learnings from big and small accounts. Learn how essential processes are to consistency when you have employees coming and going (especially in agencies), how perfect control over your account comes with a cost to volume and how you should prioritize, why Google is not your friend nor your enemy but simply a platform with a universe of rules you need to understand, why search terms matter, not the keywords and how you should focus your account on the user experience with your ads and website.
Ilenia Sarman
The road from inspiration to conversion is shorter than you think: when people hear good stories, their brain releases oxytocin which as a result, makes them spend 56% more money, and 66% of the users who viewed a shoppable content got enough information to make a purchase decision. It’s quite clear that shoppable content can - now more than ever - be a valuable asset and revenue booster for every e-commerce businesses. If it is done right! Stylight has seen big performance gains through shoppable content and in this session Ilenia will share Stylights experience. You will learn about the advantages, but also the challenges and how to best integrate shoppable content in your overall strategy.
Wil Reynolds
Marketing professionals are the first to be blamed for poor numbers, first to be fired, and the least paid of the c-suite. Sounds unfair? But we also tend to hold on to our "experience" vs trying "experiments". In a COVID-19 world, so much is changing around us that what worked last year might not work at all this year. Whole industries are dead, and whole new industries are popping up. Experiments with fast feedback loops that you can execute quickly & show value quickly is how you win in this world.

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